Mentor & TA Feedback

Mentor and TA feedback is provided twice a semester: after 8 weeks and at the end of the semester. TAs and Mentors should collaborate on the feedback for each student on the team. We recommend the TA and Mentor schedule a meeting to discuss and put the feedback into Gradescope. Only the TA has access to Gradescope, but they should share their screen on the call with the Mentor.

Fall 2022 Dates

  • Mid-semester feedback due Sunday, October 30, 2022

  • End of semester feedback due Thursday, December 1, 2022



Needs Significant Improvement

Needs Improvement

Meets Expectations

Exceeds Expectations


The student missed 1/2 or more of meetings (missed ~2 meetings per 2-week sprint) with or without communicating with the TA or mentor.

The student missed 1/4 of meetings (missed ~1 meeting per 2-week sprint) with or without communicating with the TA or mentor.

The student missed 1-2 meetings total and communicated to the TA or mentor.

The student attended all meetings or only had excused absences. A timely notification was provided when unable to attend scheduled meetings.

Participation & Engagement

The student did not engage with team members, the TA, or the mentor.

The student only engaged when called on during meetings. Communication was limited unless staff/TA/mentor reached out.

The student actively participated during meetings and labs. Their camera was on during online meetings and they contributed to each meeting.

The student was insightful and consistent in their contribution to the team. The student always came prepared and made an effort to collaborate with others.


The student did not take on any tasks and/or did not complete tasks.

The student had delays in completing tasks or did not complete some tasks. They often did not communicate with team members about delays.

The student completed assigned tasks on time as expected.

The student completed assigned tasks on time and exceed expectation on quality of work. The student worked on other tasks in the backlog and/or assisted other team members.

Overall Feedback & Comments

Do not skip this section. Please provide feedback and comments specific to this student. While the rubric above helps guide the grading, students value the opportunity to receive constructive feedback. See the section below for advice on how to write constructive feedback.

How to Provide Constructive Feedback


  • Use examples and observations in your feedback. Do not make assumptions.

  • Focus your feedback on areas the student can control and improve on (as opposed to identifying problems out of the student’s control).

  • Share recommendations and solutions for the problem you identify.

  • Watch this 5-minute TED talk titled "The secret to giving great feedback"

Examples of Bad Constructive Feedback

  • "You need to do better."

  • "You need to talk more."

Examples of Good Constructive Feedback

  • "You are reserved during team meetings, but we would value your insights. We encourage you to unmute and share your ideas more often. "

Adding Feedback to Gradescope

The Corporate Partner Mentor(s) and TA(s) should meet and input this feedback in Gradescope together.

  1. Select the mentor feedback assignment on the homepage in Gradescope.

    Our image
    Figure 1. Homepage of course in Gradescope
  2. Hover near the end of the work "Feedback" until the "Submissions" appears. Click on "Submissions". It is important you click on "Submissions" so you can sort the submissions and only add feedback to students on your team.

    Our image
    Figure 2. Click on submissions
  3. Now you will see all students in Corporate Partners. You only need to grade the students on your team. Click on "Section" on the top row to sort the students by team. Scroll until you find your team name. Click on your team name. Do not click on any student names or it will not take you to the subset of students on your team.

    Our image
    Figure 3. Sort by team and click on your team name.
  4. Now you will see a subset of students only on your team to grade. You can see the count at the bottom should be the total number of students on your team. Apply the corresponding rubric items in each category. Only one rubric item per category should be applied. Lastly, provide written feedback specific to this student.

    Our image
    Figure 4. Provide feedback for the students on your team by clicking on applicable rubric items and writing specific feedback.