How to make effective powerpoint slides

Read Tips for Making Effective PowerPoint Presentations to learn more about how you can make better powerpoint presentations.

Key Takeaways

  • Have one idea per slide.

  • Use contrast and size to direct audience focus.

  • Avoid sentences on powerpoint when speaking.

  • Use dark backgrounds.

  • Have no more than 6 objects per slide. Use one or two large images rather than several small images.

  • Avoid flashy transition and sound effects as they can be distracting and negatively affect your credibility.

  • Use single sans-serif fonts such as Arial or Helvetica. Avoid serif fonts such as Times New Roman.

  • Standardize positions, color, and styles.

  • Check the spelling and grammar.

  • Learn how to navigate slide deck. Audience may ask to see previous slides. Check out How to create a Prezi in PowerPoint for non-linear presentations | POWERPOINT ZOOM TUTORIAL to learn how you can make a interactive/non-linear powerpoint.

Serif vs. San-serif
Figure 1. Serif vs. San-serif

How to be a better presenter

Key Takeaways

  • Do not read directly from your slides.

  • Do not speak to your slides, face your audience.

  • Use your strong public speaking voice, make sure your audience can hear you.

  • Talk to your audience, instead of at your audience. Make presentation engaging.

  • Avoid placing yourself behind podium or table if possible.

  • Make eye contact with the audience to make your presentation feel personal and conversational.

  • Stand up straight with your shoulders back and arms unfolded to display confidence and make audience feel welcomed into your presentation.

  • Show enthusiasm.