Sprint #7

Sprint Dates

Wednesday, 11/23 – Friday, 11/25: Thanksgiving break – No Classes

Lab (Mon/Tues) then Meeting (Thurs/Fri)

Meeting (Mon/Tues) then Lab (Thurs/Fri)

Sprint Start Date

Thurs 11/17

Sun 12/4

Sprint End Date

Wed 11/30

Sun 12/4

Due Date

Wed 12/7 by 11:59 PM ET

Final Presentation & Loose Ends: December 5, 2022 - December 9, 2022

To Do

Data Mine Staff returns feedback on presentations during your lab time. Reviewed Data Mine Staff feedback on presentation with the team. Made necessary changes to our presentation.

Final Presentation Practice Sessions and Revisions during your lab time.

✓ Completed final student feedback due 11:59 PM ET Thursday, 12/1

✓ See the Fall Schedule for timesheet and report deadlines.