Sprint #7

Sprint Dates

Lab (Mon/Tues) then Meeting (Thurs/Fri)

Meeting (Mon/Tues) then Lab (Thurs/Fri)

Sprint Start Date

Thurs 4/13

Sun 4/10

Sprint End Date

Wed 4/26

Sun 4/23

Due Date

Wed 4/26 by 11:59 PM ET

Symposium: 4/24

Semester Wrap-Up: End of sprint 7 to Sunday, 4/30

To Do

✓ Completed final student feedback due 11:59 PM ET Wednesday, 4/26

✓ Completed the final TA report on Qualtrics! This is very important to complete!!!

✓ See the Spring Schedule for timesheet and report deadlines.

✓ Apply to be a TA for next Fall! :)

Thank you all for a wonderful year! The Data Mine would not function without our wonderful TAs! Please reach out with any questions.

Best of luck with finals!