Final Fall Presentation


Navigate to Final Presentation information to review requirements and rubric. Students will also have access to these guidelines.

See below on how to prepare your team.

How to Prepare Your Team

How do I prepare my team for the Final Fall Presentation?

There are a couple questions you need to answer before you can properly prepare your team for the presentation.

  1. Who is coming to the Final Fall Presentation? Is it appropriate to show all of the work we have completed or is some of it confidential? (please discuss this with your mentor)

  2. What are my expectations for student participation? Do all students need to speak? All students must have some role in the Fall Presentation.

After you answer these questions, you can start preparing your team. You will need to determine:

  • Content

  • Slide Preparation

    • Tips and Common Feedback

  • Speaking Roles

  • Timeline


Throughout the semester you should be taking meeting and lab notes. These will be very helpful for putting together your final presentation. In addition to meeting minutes, your team could use any professional presentation content from Sprint Reviews to identify important content.

Slide Preparation

After your team determines the relevant content for the presentation, you will need to put it in a shareable format. Many teams use sharepoint presentations.

Tips and Common Feedback

  • Make sure you meet the minimum requirements for content

  • Leave time for a Q&A, you do not have to fill the full 50 minutes with presentation.

  • Make the presentation unique.

  • Have minimal words on the slides. Use powerful visuals instead and verbally share accomplishments.

  • As one of the last steps, make sure the presentation is uniform (same fonts and sizes, colors, styles).

View past presentations (from Spring Symposium) on The Data Mine Website to get ideas.

Speaking Roles

Now that you have a presentation, you should communicate it to your audience. One of the best ways to do this is to identify the number of sections and then assign speakers based on comfortability. It is recommended to have a back-up speaker for each section.

The most important part of assigning speaking roles for the Final Fall Presentation is making sure everyone has access to it.


Each team may require a slightly different timeline. Below is a generalized timeline of when to start and checkpoints along the way.

10/16-10/20 Start your presentation. This will give your team 4 weeks to create the presentation.

10/30-11/3 Late start for the presentation. This will only give your team 2 weeks to create the presentation. Assign speaking roles for the presentation around this time.

11/15 Final Fall Presentation Materials DUE

11/20-11/24 Make edits to your poster based on feedback and practice in lab.

11/27-11/30 Practice your presentation as a team in lab.

12/4-12/8 Final Fall Presentation in your Team Meeting.