Spring 2023 TA Responsibility Overview

See the TA Training for more details on any responsibilities. Navigate to Spring 2023 Schedule to find deadlines and meetings.

Direct questions to your head TA, email [email protected], or ask a staff member.

All attendance and deadlines are being tracked by your head TA.


  • Attend labs and meetings.

  • Track attendance for each lab and meeting.

  • Complete your time sheet justification and submit this to Gradescope.

  • Complete your time sheet submission in SuccessFactors.

  • (Recommended) Send out weekly updates to your team with weekly summary, announcements, and what is coming up.


  • Complete grading and report attendance (during grading).

  • Complete your team report and submit this to Gradescope.

  • Meet with your peer group.


  • Attend monthly TA meetings or notify your head TA for the semester and complete the make-up assignment in Gradescope

Once a semester

  • Ensure your FERPA certification is up to date and submitted in Gradescope.

  • Complete training (Fall).

  • Attend TA Orientation (new TA).

  • Submit mid-semester feedback.

  • Submit final semester feedback.

  • Attend and support students at the Symposium.

  • (Optional) Attend end of semester TA event! More details to come.