Sprint #1

Sprint Dates

All sprints will have the same due dates, but the sprint start and end dates are slightly shifted depending on when a team has their lab (2 hours) and lecture (50 minutes). This is so that sprints always start with a lec and follow the format lec-lab-lec-lab.

You can find a visual of the sprint schedule in the Agile Training Ceremonies page. More details will be covered in the agile training below.

Monday, 1/16: Martin Luther King Junior Day (no Corporate Partner meetings/classes)

Lab (Mon/Tues) then Meeting (Thurs/Fri)

Meeting (Mon/Tues) then Lab (Thurs/Fri)

Sprint Start Date

*Mon 1/9

Mon 1/9

Sprint End Date

Wed 1/25

Sun 1/22

Due Date

Wed 1/25 by 11:59 PM ET

*Please note that sprint 1 starts on January 9, the first day of spring 2023 semester, for both schedules. Once we are in a regular sprint schedule, you will see the lab then meeting schedule shift to starting on Thursdays.

Where do I go for class?

Check out the Team Meeting Times & Locations page or your course registration.

Please also refer to Microsoft Teams for more information on Microsoft Teams and email groups.


Check out the Questions? page to find out how to get help depending on your question.

Anvil Access

As soon as possible, please create an ACCESS account to access Anvil. Students in the 1 credit hour seminar TDM 102/202/302/402/502 have to do this too. You only need to create one account that you will use for seminar and Corporate Partners. *Do not submit this more than once.*

Syllabus Quiz

While all teams will work on different projects and mentors will provide a project charter, the syllabus includes information that every Data Mine Corporate Partner student needs to know.

When: Due Wednesday, January 25, 2023 at 11:59 PM ET. Late work will not be accepted.

What: Review the spring 2023 syllabus page and spring 2023 course schedule. Take the quiz up to 3 times and your highest score will be taken. Click here to learn how to resubmit the quiz. You may have the syllabus open while you take the quiz.

Where: Take the quiz on Gradescope.

Please note there is a separate syllabus quiz for the 1 credit seminar class.

Sprint #1 Report

When: Due Wednesday, January 25, 2023 at 11:59 PM ET. Late work will not be accepted.

What: Answer the questions in the Sprint #1 Report accessed on Gradescope. You will write your answers directly in the Gradescope assignment.

Where: Gradescope

Adding The Data Mine to your Resume

Please see the Professional Development section to learn how to add The Data Mine to your resume.

The Data Mine Video

Check out the new Data Mine Video and share it with your friends!

Resubmitting Work in Gradescope

You are able to resubmit your work in Gradescope until the deadline. This is also how you can retake the syllabus quiz until you receive 100%!

  1. Click on the assignment you would like to resubmit.

  2. Select "Resubmit" in the lower right corner.

Resubmitting an Assignment
Figure 1. Resubmitting an Assignment