Sprint #1

Sprint Dates

All sprints will have the same due dates, but the sprint start and end dates are slightly shifted depending on when a team has their lab (2 hours) and lecture (50 minutes). This is so that sprints always start with a lec and follow the format lec-lab-lec-lab.

You can find a visual of the sprint schedule here. More details will be covered in the agile training below.

Lab (Mon/Tues) then Meeting (Thurs/Fri)

Meeting (Mon/Tues) then Lab (Thurs/Fri)

Sprint Start Date

*Mon 8/22

Mon 8/22

Sprint End Date

Wed 9/7

Sun 9/4

Due Date

Wed 9/7 by 11:59 PM ET

*Please note that sprint 1 starts on August 22, the first day of fall 2022 semester, for both schedules. Once we are in a regular sprint schedule, you will see the lab then meeting schedule shift to starting on Thursdays.

To Do

✓ Prepared an icebreaker for the first lab. TA Created Warm-Ups.

✓ Planned my first lab! I remembered an introduction, agile explanation, and reminders about the syllabus/quizzes and NDAs (if your company has provided them already).

✓ Sent reminders to students about the syllabus/quizzes in BrightSpace and NDAs that need to be signed

✓ Sent reminders to students to complete NDAs

✓ See the Fall Schedule for timesheet and report deadlines.

The Data Mine Video

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