Project Description Guidelines

Current Projects

Our project description repository is available here:

We share this link with students to help them select the best suited project for them.

Project Description Template

Fall 2022 - Spring 2023

  • Use your company branded slides

  • Provide one (1) slide with company background information and up to two (2) slides per project your company is sponsoring

Slide 1

Slide about your company

  • Include company name, location, and brief description of company. Pictures are encouraged.

Slides 2 & 3

You may have up to 2 slides per project.

Project #1: [Title]

One sentence high level project overview

  • Project description: Please add as many details that you can share publicly. Students will not sign a NDA before seeing these slides

  • Keywords: Examples: supply chain analytics; machine learning; social media analysis; optimization; classification; web scraping

  • Tools/Skills that will be used/learned: Examples: Python, R, Azure, AWS, PowerBI, SQL, machine learning, natural language processing

  • Preferences for student profile: This section is optional and only recommend if there are specific skills or backgrounds absolutely necessary. Most projects will not have this section. Please keep in mind the students are here to learn and develop their skills. They are eager for these opportunities.

  • Citizenship status: Examples: Open to all students, including international students; US Citizens and Permanent residents preferred; US Citizens required

  • Consider including relevant images or website links

Slides 4 & 5

Same format as slides 2 & 3 if you have additional projects.

Example Slides

Sandia National Laboratories

Sandia Flight Slide 1
Sandia Flight Slide 2
Sandia Flight Slide 3


Wabash Slide 1
Wabash Slide 2
Wabash Slide 3


DORIS Slide 1
DORIS Slide 2
DORIS Slide 3