TA Trainings

TAs hold a large part in the success of a corporate partner team and in a student’s experience within The Data Mine. The TAs primary responsibilities include engaging with students and CRP mentors, leading projects, and being a resource for their team.

The training modules are designed to help prepare you for your time as a TA.

Fall Preparation

These are the steps you should take as a TA to prepare for the Fall semester. Please complete all of the follow:

✓ Double checked I have access to my MS Teams Group. Reviewed Microsoft Teams Email Groups

✓ Meet with my Corporate Mentor to discuss project expectations and communication methods.

✓ Complete TA Training:

  • Complete Training Modules 1-6 found under TA Training.

  • Complete Salesforce Training

  • Complete FERPA Certification Training in Module 2.

  • Navigate to Gradescope to complete assessments and submit the following.

    • Module 1 Quiz

    • Module 2 Quiz

    • Module 3 Quiz

    • Module 4 Quiz

    • Module 5 Quiz

    • Salesforce Training: Atlassian Agile Basics

    • Agile in The Data Mine Quiz

    • Syllabus Quiz

    • FERPA Certification

✓ Set up an ACCESS account

✓ Send out a welcome chat in your Microsoft Teams channel to the team including the following:

  • Introducing myself

    • Your Year and Major

    • Why are you excited to work on this project?

  • Welcoming the team to the project

  • Reminding the team about project meeting times

  • Reminding the team about The Examples Book

  • Providing the team with the best way to reach you for the semester

✓ Check the TA schedule to identify due dates for the semester and required TA meetings.

✓ Prepare an icebreaker for the first lab. Navigate to TA Created Warm-Ups to choose icebreakers, create, or find more.

✓ Plan my first lab! I remembered an introduction, agile explanation, and reminders about the syllabus/quizzes and NDAs (if your company has provided them already). Navigate to the Lab Planning Guide for an outline of how to create a lab.

✓ (Optional, but highly recommended) Meet with my Mentor for more planning and/or reviewing information.

✓ (Optional) Meet with Data Mine Staff to discuss any concerns or get my questions answered.