Spring 2023 Professional Development Activity

Due at the end of Sprint #3 on Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Pick one of the below options to complete.

Option 1 - Improve Your Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV)

  1. Review the resume tips in the CCO’s handbook. Make sure to look at the sample resumes on pages 18-27. CV resources is on page 32.

  2. Use the tips you learned to make improvements to your resume or CV. Include your experience in The Data Mine using these guidelines.

  3. Have your resume/CV reviewed with one of the options below:

To submit: Include a screenshot of your resume before starting this activity (clearly labeled as "before"), a screenshot of your resume after updating it, and a 1 page single spaced reflection on what you learned, what you improved, and how you think this will make your resume stand out.

Option 2 - Prepare for Interviews

  1. Review pages 40-51 of The CCO’s Handbook.

  2. Review the resources on the CCO’s website for Acing the Interview, including the following sections

  3. Login to Big Interview and complete the Interview Stream. Big Interview allows you to simulate job interviews by responding to pre-recorded interview questions and practicing both verbal and non-verbal communication skills through a webcam. Afterwards, you can send your practice interviews to anyone you’d like to get feedback from!

    You can answer practice interview questions specific to your desired industry (or other categories)

    • You should complete one full practice round at minimum (most practice interviews are about 8-10 questions. You can complete general practice rounds or ones specific to your industry like data science or engineering.

    • Data science Interview Practice: Click Practice at the top menu bar. Then click Practice Interviews. Click on the orange Industry option. Scroll down to the Technology category and then select Data Sceintist 1 to begin practicing questions you might be asked in a data science role.

    • General practice: Complete Level 1 and Level 2 interview questions, including "Tell Me About Yourself" and "Behavioral Questions".

    Our image
    Figure 1. Screenshot of Big Interview dashboard.
  4. Once you have answered all of the interview questions, click My videos, then click Actions, then review yourself.

[Optional] Want more practice? Schedule a mock interview with a CCO Career Consultant. The CCO requires that you complete Interview Stream before scheduling an appoint with a consultant.

To submit: Include a screenshot of your completed videos with self-reviews. Write a 1 page single spaced reflection on what you learned, and how you will implement these strategies in future interviews.