Semester Check Ins

Every 5 weeks throughout the semester, TAs are required to host brief check-in meetings with each team member. These meetings are meant to be held 1 on 1 and are to collect concerns and feedback from all team members. It is also a great way to build rapport with individuals.

It is highly encouraged to get to know your students. It will benefit your team’s productivity, communication, teamwork, and engagement.

Feel free to have more check-ins for your team throughout the semester.

Questions to Ask

The following are some questions to ask during check in meetings:

  1. How has the semester been so far?

  2. How many credits are you taking? (to gage each student’s workload)

  3. Are you happy with your work and learning so far? If not, what would you like to focus on?

  4. How do you feel about the subgroup you’re in?

  5. Do you have any questions or concerns for me?