The Examples Book


Welcome to The Examples Book! This book contains a collection of information and examples that can be used to reinforce topics learned in The Data Mine seminar at Purdue University. The Examples Book is open to anyone. Even if you aren’t a student at Purdue we hope you find helpful content here.

Where to go for specific topics:

  • Working on modeling, analysis, or visualization? Need to know about containers, high performance computing (HPC), or other operations-related topics? Check out the 'Starter Guides'.

  • Learning R, Python, or SQL. Programming Languages might be helpful.

  • Want more info on The Data Mine, corporate partners projects, or student course materials? Check out Corporate Partners.

  • Looking for projects/exercises to build your skills? Read through the Course Links.

  • Did you find a mistake in the Book? Would you like to add your own content? Do you have a frequently asked question (FAQ)? Helpful Links is the place for you.

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