Spring Preparation

✓ Review content from Fall. Identify goals for the semester. Identify areas to improve for the Spring semester.

✓ Met with my Corporate Mentor to discuss project expectations and communication methods.

✓ (Optional, but recommended) Met with my Mentor for more planning or reviewing information

✓ (Optional) Met with Data Mine Staff to discuss any concerns or get my questions answered.

✓ Sent out a welcome back email to the team including the following:

  • Reminding them about project meeting times

  • Reminding them about The Examples Book

  • Providing them with the best way to reach you for the semester

  • Include any updated office hours

✓ Prepared an icebreaker for the first lab back.

✓ Checked the TA schedule to identify due dates for the semester.

New TAs please refer to Fall 2022 Pre-Fall Preparation for additional steps.