Scrum is a subtype used to implement Agile.

Important Definitions

Scrum: a lightweight framework that aids teams in collaboration and project development, enabling teams to develop, deliver, and sustain complex products

Scrum Core Values: courage, focus, commitment, respect, openness

Key Components of Scrum: artifacts, ceremonies, and team roles

Scrum in the data mine

The Data Mine Corporate Partners cohort has a goal for all projects to follow the scrum framework. We are confident the structured flexibility of Scrum will allow for each development team to tailor its execution of scrum to their needs.

There is not a “one size fits all” approach to Scrum, but with preparation, communication, transparency, practice, and dedication, the Scrum framework may prove to guide your projects toward a successful outcome.

Scrum Cartoon

It’s a Placebo Scrum
Figure 1. It’s a Placebo Scrum

Cartoon illustrated by Marija Hajnal