Scrum Roles

Important Definitions

Product Owners: expert of the product, have a focused understanding of consumer needs, domain applications, and business specifications

Scrum Master: expert of scrum, leader of any scrum effort within a scrum team including trainings, performing scrum ceremonies, and removing inefficiencies

Development Team: experts on project development, deep expertise on applications for the product and will deploy their knowledge together to accomplish sprint increments

Roles in The Data Mine

The Data Mine has a natural definition of who takes on what roles within a scrum team.

Corporate partner mentors take on the role of product owner because of their direct connection to the business. They are the leader of a project and will be the decision maker for project scope and direction.

TAs perform the work of a scrum master and are the bridge between Corporate Partner Mentors and Purdue students. They establish agile management and teach scrum to the team. TAs also help Corporate Partner Mentors with project management.

The Data Mine students make up the development team and are the owners of any project development tasks. Students are the primary contributors to projects and perform the actions necessary to work towards the project goal.

Scrum Roles Cartoon

Just this one urgent thing.
Figure 1. Just this one urgent thing.

Cartoon illustrated by Marija Hajnal