Scrum Artifacts

Important Definitions

Product Backlog: the primary list of work that needs to be accomplished

Sprint Backlog: the list of tasks or items that the development team pulls from the product backlog to complete during a sprint

Increment: the useable end-product from a sprint, also known as the sprint goal

Artifacts in The Data Mine

Scrum artifacts will be great tools for all Data Mine teams to deploy. Corporate Partner Mentors and TAs will manage the product backlog while the student team will manage the sprint backlog. The combination of well-managed product and sprint backlogs will lead to efficient increments, and ultimately a smooth project.

The most important feature of sprint artifacts is their visibility. All team members must have access to the changes occurring on the backlogs. To assist with visibility, some tools to consider include:

Which tool you select depends on your team size and corporate partner access.

To understand when these artifacts are put in use, lets now learn about scrum ceremonies.

Scrum Artifacts Cartoon

That’s one way to test it.
Figure 1. That’s one way to test it.

Cartoon illustrated by Marija Hajnal