Office Hours Spring 2023

Check here to find the most up to date office hour schedule.

Office hours during seminar: Hillenbrand C141 — the atrium inside the dining court
Office hours outside of seminar, before 5:00 PM EST: Hillenbrand Lobby C100 — the lobby between the 2 sets of front entrances
Office hours after 5:00 PM EST: Online in Webex
Office hours on the weekend: Online in Webex

Navigate between tabs to view office hour schedules for each course and find Webex links to online office hours.

About the Office Hours in The Data Mine

During Spring 2023, office hours will be in person in Hillenbrand Hall during popular on-campus hours, and online via Webex during later hours (starting at 5:00PM). Each TA holding an online office hour will have their own WebEx meeting setup, so students will need to click on the appropriate WebEx link to join office hours. In the meeting room, the student and the TA can share screens with each other and have vocal conversations, as well as typed chat conversations. You will need to use the computer audio feature, rather than calling in to the meeting. There is a WebEx app available for your phone, too, but it does not have as many features as the computer version.

The priority is to have a well-staffed set of office hours that meets student traffic needs. We aim to have office hours when students need them most.

Each online TA meeting will have a maximum of 7 other people able to join at one time. Students should enter the meeting room to ask their question, and when their question is answered, the student should leave the meeting room so that others can have a turn. Students are welcome to re-enter the meeting room when they have another question. If a TA meeting room is full, please wait a few minutes to try again, or try a different TA who has office hours at the same time.

Students can also use Piazza to ask questions. The TAs will be monitoring Piazza during their office hours. TAs should try and help all students, regardless of course. If a TA is unable to help a student resolve an issue, the TA might help the student to identify an office hour with a TA that can help, or encourage the student to post in Piazza.

The weekly projects are due on Friday evenings at 11:59 PM through Gradescope in Brightspace. All the seminar times are on Mondays. New projects are released on Thursdays, so students have 8 days to work on each project.

All times listed are Purdue time (Eastern).