The data about campaign donations at the federal level is downloadable from:

under the section on "Contributions by individuals"

Description of the Data

The names, addresses, and amounts of money donations by individuals is given, during each 2-year election campaign cycle.

There is also one file called escaped2020sample.txt (see below).

Transformations to the original data source

The file escaped2020sample.txt contains a fraction of the data from the itcont2020.txt file, with the data fields surrounded by double quotes.

To download the original data sources, we run:

unzip indiv80.zip

mv itcont.txt itcont1980.txt

unzip indiv82.zip

mv itcont.txt itcont1982.txt

unzip indiv84.zip

mv itcont.txt itcont1984.txt

unzip indiv86.zip

mv itcont.txt itcont1986.txt

unzip indiv88.zip

mv itcont.txt itcont1988.txt

unzip indiv90.zip

mv itcont.txt itcont1990.txt

unzip indiv92.zip

mv itcont.txt itcont1992.txt

unzip indiv94.zip

mv itcont.txt itcont1994.txt

unzip indiv96.zip

mv itcont.txt itcont1996.txt

unzip indiv98.zip

mv itcont.txt itcont1998.txt

unzip indiv00.zip

mv itcont.txt itcont2000.txt

unzip indiv02.zip

mv itcont.txt itcont2002.txt

unzip indiv04.zip

mv itcont.txt itcont2004.txt

unzip indiv06.zip

mv itcont.txt itcont2006.txt

unzip indiv08.zip

mv itcont.txt itcont2008.txt

unzip indiv10.zip

mv itcont.txt itcont2010.txt

unzip indiv12.zip

mv itcont.txt itcont2012.txt

unzip indiv14.zip

mv itcont.txt itcont2014.txt

unzip indiv16.zip

mv itcont.txt itcont2016.txt

unzip indiv18.zip

mv itcont.txt itcont2018.txt

unzip indiv20.zip

mv itcont.txt itcont2020.txt

unzip indiv22.zip

mv itcont.txt itcont2022.txt

unzip indiv24.zip

mv itcont.txt itcont2024.txt

rm *.zip

rm -rf by_date