TDM 20100

Only the best 10 of 13 projects will count towards your grade.

Topics are subject to change. While this is a rough sketch of the project topics, we may adjust the topics as the semester progresses.

Project Release date Due date

Project 1: Review: Jupyter Lab

August 22

September 9

Project 2: Navigating UNIX: part I

August 25

September 9

Project 3: Navigating UNIX: part II

September 8

September 16

Project 4: Pattern matching in UNIX & R

September 15

September 23

Project 5: awk and bash scripts: part I

September 22

September 30

Project 6: awk & bash scripts: part II

September 29

October 7

Project 7: awk & bash scripts: part III

October 6

October 21

Project 8: SQL: part I

October 20

October 28

Project 9: SQL: part II

October 27

November 4

Project 10: SQL: part III

November 3

November 11

Project 11: SQL: part IV

November 10

November 18

Project 12: SQL: part V

November 17

December 2

Project 13: SQL: part VI

December 1

December 9

Projects are released on Thursdays, and are due 1 week and 1 day later on the following Friday, by 11:59pm. Late work is not accepted. We give partial credit for work you have completed — always submit the work you have completed before the due date. If you do not submit the work you were able to get done, we will not be able to give you credit for the work you were able to complete.

Always double check that the work that you submitted was uploaded properly. See here for more information.

Each week, we will announce in Piazza that a project is officially released. Some projects, or parts of projects may be released in advance of the official release date. Work on projects ahead of time at your own risk. These projects are subject to change until the official release announcement in Piazza.


See here.