Iowa liquor sales


The state of Iowa provides data about liquor sales, available here for download:

The direct download link is:

Kaggle provided earlier versions of this data set:

Description of the Data

The original data set is iowa_liquor_sales.csv.

Each row of the data set corresponds to an alcohol purchase at a store in Iowa. Information is given about the type of alcohol purchased, the amount, the cost, the location of the store, etc.

Transformations to the original data source

Mark created a version called iowa_liquor_sales_cleaner.txt from the original data set by importing the data into R using fread, and changing the name of "CNS IMPORTS; FOUR SEASONS TRADING; CNS WINE & SPIRITS" to be (instead) "CNS IMPORTS, FOUR SEASONS TRADING, CNS WINE & SPIRITS", and then exporting the data into a csv file using a semicolor ; as the delimiter.