The Examples Book


This book contains a collection of examples that students can use to reinforce topics learned in The Data Mine seminar at Purdue University. It is an excellent resource for students to learn what they need to know in order to solve The Data Mine projects.

This book is broken down into "core" topics that are covered in seminar. These topics are listed in the left-hand side menu. They include topics like Python, R, SQL, and other critical languages and tools used to solve data-driven problems. In addition, the live version of the "core" book contains the most up-to-date slate of projects students in The Data Mine are working on. All projects from previous semesters live in the Projects Archive appendix.


Complementary to the "core" book are the appendices. These are relevant special topics that are not necessarily covered in seminar, but may be useful to certain students or groups. The following are a list of appendices:

Appendices can all be accessed by clicking on the menu in the lower left-hand corner.

The following links are useful for accessing the course materials like the syllabus, office hours schedule, videos, projects, and more.