Workshop Outline

During the spring 2023 semester, we will offer a workshop series to equip you to start The Data Mine at your university.


Link to join:


The Basics

0 - Callout / About The Data Mine

Data Science for All

1 - Stakeholders + Expectations

Topics include:

  • Stakeholds to get buy-in at your university

  • Expectations and commitments of this workshop

  • Outcomes

2 - Seminar

Topics include:

  • 1 credit hour course

  • Experiential learning (flipped classroom)

  • R, Python, SQL

This 1 credit hour course is offered fall and spring to provide students experiential learning (no lectures or exams) with data science tools and large data sets on HPC clusters. Semester one covers R and SQL, semester two covers Python, and sessions three through eight cover advanced topics. View the syllabus and content for semester one.

3 - Students

Topics include:

  • Recruiting

  • Registration

  • Learning Communities/Housing

  • TAs

  • Academic Advisors

Extended sessions about Corporate Partnerships

4 - TDM Corporate Partners Overview

Topics include:

  • Stakeholders to involve

  • History and growth of Purdue TDM Corporate Partners

5 - Business Partnerships & Recruiting Industry Sponsored Projects

Topics include:

Homework for participants: bring your university’s business partnership rep if possible

Topics include:

  • NDAs

  • Sponsor Acknowledgments

  • IP

Homework for participants: bring your university’s legal rep

7 - Technical support & reserach computing

Topics include:

  • Research computing at your university

  • Student support

Homework for participants: bring your university’s reserach computing if possible

8 - Course Management for Corporate Partners

Topics include:

  • Agile Project Management

  • Syallbus

  • Course structure

  • Communication for teams (email, MS Teams)

  • TAs

9 - Operations

Topics include:

  • Finances

  • Sponsor Acknowledgments

  • Guest speakers