Tag: Code, Linux, Puzzle, Learning

Brief Description: A coding puzzle game which is designed to teach beginning cybersecurity students, great for anyone new to linux/bash/terminal commands

Time: 5 min – 5 hours (variable)

Group size: any (can be done solo)

Cost: None

Benefits: Strengthen/teach linux commands, problem solving


  1. Put students in groups of any size

  2. Have everyone use: overthewire.org/wargames/bandit/ to reach the game

  3. Show everyone how to complete the first level (ssh into a server)

  4. Assist people in initial level then show them resources to figure out puzzles on their own

  5. Set a goal level for the groups to reach

  6. The first individual/team to reach the level wins

  7. If playing with groups, it is the first groups to have all persons reach the goal level

  8. People may not touch each other computer

  9. Lead an activity discussion about what went well, what was difficult and what could have been better

  10. Ask for any improvements for the activity