Structure Charades

Tag: Lego, Communication, Puzzle

Brief Description: Reconstruct a structure with two teams. One can see the structure to recreate but can’t speak or touch the recreation. The other team cannot see the structure, but may speak and must recreate it.

Time: ~20 min

Group size: Team size of 4-8, split team into two groups

Cost: Free – (Have access to legos)

Benefits: Improved team communication, problem solving


  1. Prep: Create a lego structure of 10-20 pieces

  2. Prep: Isolate the identical pieces to create the structure for each team participating

  3. Split each group in half into builders and watchers

  4. Builders may touch the structure and may speak

  5. Watcher may see the structure to recreate but can not speak or interact with the recreation

  6. The first team to recreate the structure wins

  7. Lead an activity discussion about what went well, what was difficult and what could have been better

  8. Ask for any improvements for the activity