“Egg” Drop

Tag: Puzzle, Engineering

Brief Description: Your convention egg drop engineering design challenge with a twist, use water balloons and conduct the activity outside (maybe hilly parking garage, any tall outdoor structure)

Time: 30 min

Group size: 2-6

Cost: $20 per group

Benefits: Team building, problem solving, communication


  1. Prep: Find durable water balloons and prefill them. (Cooler full of water can be great for water balloon transport)

  2. Provide each team with a test set of balloons, several sheets of cardboard and a roll of duct tape

  3. After 25 min halt all building and drop test each team’s contraption from incrementally higher heights till failure

  4. Lead an activity discussion about what went well, what was difficult and what could have been better

  5. Ask for any improvements for the activity