Bucket Removal

Tag: Puzzle, Cooperation

Brief Description: Remove a bucket from the center of a 10 ft radius circle without going into the circle using bungee cords

Time: 20 min

Group size: 4-10

Cost: A dozen tennis balls, a bucket, and a 2*pi()*(10 feet) length rope

Benefits: Collaboration, problem solving


  1. Use the rope to create a large circle on the ground

  2. Place the bucket with the tennis balls in the center of the circle

  3. Give the team a lot of bungee cords

  4. Instruct the team to remove the bucket without stepping on the ground inside the circle

  5. Once they find a solution take away some element that made the solution possible

  6. Have the team try to complete the puzzle again

  7. After several iterations Lead an activity discussion about what went well, what was difficult and what could have been better

  8. Ask for any improvements for the activity