Ball Drop

Tag: Puzzle, Communication

Brief Description: Drop a ball into a bucket, the catch is everyone must touch the ball before it reaches the bucket after it is dropped

Time: 15 min

Group size: +10

Cost: A singular tennis ball and bucket

Benefits: Collaboration, problem solving


  1. Stand on a desk and drop a ball into a bucket on the ground

    1. The ball should fall for roughly 10 feet

  2. The puzzle is to have everyone touch the ball before it reaches the bucket – fastest time wins

    1. Time the group each time you release the ball

    2. Reset the test each time the group is ready to go again

  3. Record the fastest time to compete against other teams

  4. Global High Score: __ milliseconds

  5. Lead an activity discussion about what went well, what was difficult and what could have been better

  6. Ask for any improvements for the activity