Time Sheets

TAs are required to track their weekly hours using a time sheet provided by The Data Mine. The time sheets are meant to be used as a record for all of the responsibilities fulfilled as a TA and should be updated regularly throughout the week.

At the end of every week, TAs should total their hours and submit hours at Purdue’s human capital management tool, SuccessFactors. The link to access SuccessFactors is one.purdue.edu/launch-task/all/successfactors-employee?roles=. Review how to log hours here.

Example Time Sheet

Sample Time Sheet
Figure 1. Sample Time Sheet


When are time sheets due?

Time sheets are due weekly along with team reports before 8:00am on Mondays.

When should TAs submit their hours to SuccessFactors?

Submission of hours to SuccessFactors are is also due before 8:00am on Mondays.