Every two weeks, TAs are required to complete Sprint Report Grading within Gradescope.

To access Gradescope, navigate to and click "Go To Gradescope". Upon log in, navigate to the appropriate course within Gradescope.

Watch this video for an example on how to grade a sprint report: video missing - to be added


How often is grading is completed?

Grading is required by TAs every two weeks.

What will TAs be grading?

TAs will be reviewing and grading their team member’s sprint reports.

Will a rubric be provided?

Yes, Gradescope will have a built in rubric for each of the sprint reports. Grading is up to the discretion of the TA, however, and additional point deductions can be made on a case-by-case basis.

When is grading due?

Grading is due every two weeks on Sunday nights at 11:59pm.