Roadmap to Partnership & Renewal

1. Let’s discuss - schedule a call

Whether this is your first introduction to The Data Mine or you are a dear friend. We look forward to talking in more detail with you during a 25-minute call.

You are welcome to schedule a call with us on our Calendly page or email us at [email protected]

2. Project Description

You can find the project description guidelines, to help you define your customized project.

Our industry partners sign this Sponsor Acknowledgment (click here to download). Most of our partners require students and staff to sign a NDA. As an additional option students can be requred to sign an IP agreement. Funding levels are listed in the Sponsor Acknowledgment.

Click here to view more details regarding legal and funding.

4. Planning & Project Charter

We are excited to meet with you every other week for 25 minutes during the summer to plan the specifics of your project(s).

5. Student Alignment

The project selection process for the students begins late March and goes until August. Once we have your project description(from step#2) we will be able to share it with the students.

6. Academic Year

All of our projects in Corporate Partners last the entire academic year from late August through early May.

Fall Semester

Fall 2022 courses begin on Monday, August 22, 2022.

Spring Semester

Projects continue through the spring semester and culminate at our Corporate Partners Symposium with a poster session.

7. Renewal

The renewal process for the next academic year (August - May) starts in January, but please note that we are delighted to discuss additional projects at any time.

We look forward to building a lasting relationship with your company, developing a deep connection over the many years of partnering together.


Check out our FAQ page or email us.