Legal & Funding

[New Partners] Our industry partners sign this Sponsor Acknowledgment (SA) (click here to download). The SA covers five years of partnership, but it does not obligate your company to five years of projects.

[Renewing] After executing the full SA, please renew each year with this addendum for years two through five. [Link is coming soon pending legal approval. Thank you for your patience.]

Return the signed sponsor acknowledgment or addendum via email to [email protected] and Nicole Finley at [email protected]. The SA will be routed through Purdue’s Legal Counsel. You will receive a fully executed SA.


  • Most companies require the students and Data Mine staff to sign a NDA at the start of the project.

  • The NDA is provided by the company. If you do not have a NDA, here is a generic one provided by Purdue Legal Counsel. [link coming soon]

  • The NDA must be between an individual (student or staff) and the company. Purdue will not sign a NDA on behalf of the students.

  • To make it easy for you, Data Mine staff handle the logistics of getting the NDAs signed by students and staff. We return a zip file of all signed documents shortly after the fall semester starts.


  • At Purdue University, students retain their IP. Students can choose to license or assign it to the company at no cost.

  • Purdue faculty and staff cannot sign any agreement regarding IP for projects running under the Sponsor Acknowledgement. Faculty and staff can only sign an IP agreement under sponsored research contracts.


There are two funding levels for our credit-bearing student experience:

  • $20,000 for 5 students and 1 project

  • $40,000 for 25 students and multiple projects

An invoice will be sent electronically to your accounts payable department after your sponsor acknowledgment is fully executed.