Unless otherwise specified, all projects will need 2-3 submitted files:

  1. The .ipynb file (based off of the provided template). See here to learn how to download the .ipynb file.

    Output must be displayed in the .ipynb file unless otherwise specified. Double check that the output is correct in Gradescope. You are responsible for all work submitted in Gradescope. If your submission does not render properly, please contact a TA for help.

    You will be graded on the work and how it is rendered in Gradescope, not how it renders on Please see here to learn how to properly double check your submission and make sure it renders properly in Gradescope.

  2. If it is a project containing R code, a .R file containing all of the R code with comments explaining what the code does.

  3. If it is a project containing Python code, a .py file containing all of the Python code with comments explaining what the code does.

How to download notebook

First make sure you are in Jupyter Lab on It should look something like the following.

Jupyter Lab interface
Figure 1. Jupyter Lab interface

To download your notebook (.ipynb file), click on File  Download and select where you’d like to save the file. Then, when uploading your submission to Gradescope, simply upload the .ipynb file you just downloaded.

How to download the notebook
Figure 2. How to download the notebook

Double checking submissions

In order to double check that your submission (namely, your .ipynb file) renders properly in Gradescope, first submit your project files in Gradescope.

Don’t worry, you can submit as many times as you want. The graders will always see your most recent submission.

Once submitted, you should be presented with a screen that looks similar to the following.

Post submit screen
Figure 3. Post submit screen

Click on the button in the upper right-hand corner named "Code".

Click "Code"
Figure 4. Click Code

You should be presented with the same screen that your grader sees. Look at your notebook carefully to make sure your solutions appear as you intended.

Double check rendered notebook
Figure 5. Double check rendered notebook

When uploading to Gradescope, make sure that you upload your .ipynb file for the project, and your .py with your Python work, and your .R file with your R work, all at once. Gradescope will only remember the most recent upload, so you need to upload all 3 files at one time, i.e., in one batch upload.