Developing Experiential Accessible Framework for Partnerships and Opportunities in Data Science (for the deaf community).

We are currently accepting applications for both students and faculty until April 20, 2023.

Are you a student?

Are you interested in emerging yourself in an environment that is an intentional space for deaf and hard of hearing students? Grow foundational data science skills and apply them to real world experiences?

If you are wanting to gain some industry experience, work with real data, real companies and increase your data science skills, please consider applying for this summer opportunity to work on a Corporate Partner project. We are excited to have you! No prior knowledge of any data science skills is required.

For Corporate Partners, you will choose which option may be a better fit: in-person or virtual.

  • In-person students will receive a $6000 stipend (room and board will be covered) for participating in the Summer (June 1st-July 31st) cohort.

  • Virtual participants will receive an $6000 stipend for participating in the Summer June 1st-July 31st cohort.

If you already have a research project at your local university with a mentor/professor that you are working with that includes data, we may be able provide you a stipend for your current work!

Expected work hours weekly are ~30hr/week for the 8-week, June 1st -July 31st.

Requirements include:

  • A healthy motivation to learn data sciences

  • Identify as deaf or hard of hearing

  • A United States citizen

  • Current undergraduate student

Click this link and fill out the application. Once received, we will connect with you!

*Anticipated participation dates may change due to summer availability. Please do not hesitate to reach out if there are any questions!

If you do not meet a requirement and are still interested, please reach out, we are happy to discuss options.

Email [email protected] for any questions or concerns.

Are you a faculty member?

For faculty members, we are flexible, and you can do in the following things but not limited to:

  • Host a research project with a small group of deaf students (recruited through DEAF PODS program) in the summer

  • Casual mentoring to provide some insights about their experience (e.g., working in academics/industry, professional skills, etc.)

  • Work and mentor alongside any of our corporate partner teams within a project that may fit their skills/interests

For Corporate Partners, we will love to partner with them to develop a data-driven project for a small group of deaf students:

  • Either public data or company data (NDA typically involved)

  • Following the agile framework, a person from a company acts like the mentor for this project and meets with students weekly to get updates and provide feedback on students’ work

The Data Mine

The Data Mine is a data science focused experiential learning project here at Purdue University. We accept students of all undergraduate years and majors, and pair them with corporations.

Using industry data, The Data Mine encourages collaborative learning amongst our students and to help devise solutions for whatever project or question the industry partner presents.

We intend to utilize this framework and build an experience that will enable a similar environment that allows Deaf students gain data science knowledge and tools to immerse deaf and hard of hearing students in a world of education, research, engagement, and collaboration.

Partnering with Dr. Stephanie Cawthon for assessment and program evalution!

You can visit Dr. Cawthon’s website here.

Please view Dr. Cawthon’s one-minute introduction video here!