Supplementary Data Science Reading List

Data Science has revolutionized industry and has fostered technological advancements that are enabling true "big data" data collection—also enabling analysis techniques like ML that would not have been possible previously. At universities across the world, new research institutes, degree programs, classes, and faculty positions have been created to prepare students for the myriad of Data Science career opportunities in industry. In the real world, we have seen the importance of data and data literacy through the COVID-19 pandemic—with a great emphasis on interpreting metrics, graphs, statistical methods, and more. Companies—both small and large—are investing heavily in data-driven organizations.

However, to be competitive in the field, you need to be more than just technically proficient; understanding real-world applications of Data Science is equally as important. The books listed below were chosen to provide exposure to prudent topics related to Data Science and professionalism: digital ethics, statistical reasoning, time/organizational management, and more.