Uploading Data to Purdue

After you’ve completed the steps to get access to Anvil you’re ready to upload data!

Purdue has lots of options to connect to the high performance computing (HPC) systems and we’ve included the most popular below.


Globus is a file transfer tool that can be used with any OS. Globus also offers both online and desktop solutions for file uploading.

The steps below work with the online version of Globus.

  1. Follow the XSEDE Globus setup steps to create your Globus account.

Be sure to follow the steps to link your XSEDE account and Globus.

If they are not linked you won’t be able to access Anvil resources.

  1. After your account is set up you can go to Globus online and log-in.

  2. In the Collections line search for XSEDE Anvil and select the option that appears.

    • If prompted to authenticate select your XSEDE user name and click Continue.

  3. Once you are connected update the Path field to /anvil/projects/tdm/corporate.

  4. Find the folder for your team and double-click to open it.

    • You can navigate within these folders just like you would on your own computer.

  5. Identify the location that you’d like to upload to. Once it’s found select the Upload option from the right-hand menu.

    • You may be prompted to authenticate again. You can select Continue.

  6. Select the file or folder that you’d like to upload.

  7. Globus should automatically upload the data and update you on the status.

  8. Once it’s uploaded it should be ready for the team to use.

If you have any questions or issues please contact [email protected].