Meeting Notes

TAs are encouraged to record meeting notes (or meeting minutes) for every team meeting and lab. These notes should be a written as summary of the meeting and distributed to the team for review.

These notes will help keep track of progress throughout the semester as well as offer a summary of events for anyone who is absent from a team meeting.

Sample Meeting Notes

Below is a sample of meeting notes. This sample is brief but outlines what a meeting might look like in summary. TAs are encouraged to put more detail into these meeting notes in order to give a thorough overview of meetings.

  1. Introduction

    • Welcome conversation

    • Ice breaker

  2. Sprint Planning

    • Data Engineering Team

      • Executable 1

      • Executable 2

      • Executable 3

    • Data Visualization Team

      • Executable 1

      • Executable 2

      • Executable 3

    • Data Science Team

      • Executable 1

      • Executable 2

      • Executable 3

  3. Question and Answer

  4. Free Time to work

  5. To Do for next meeting

    • Task 1

    • Task 2

The content in your meeting notes can and should also be added to the Documentation Guide.


How often should meeting minutes be written?

Meeting Minutes should be written for every team meeting and lab.

How should meeting minutes be distributed?

Meeting minutes can be distributed through provided team communication or email. It is also valuable to save all meeting minutes in a shared document.

Who will get value out of the meeting minutes?

Any team member looking to find a summary of the meeting will find meeting notes valuable. These notes will help refresh memories or keep absent team members up to date.

How soon after a meeting should TAs send meeting notes?

Sending out meeting notes as soon as possible is ideal. However, distributing the notes no longer than a day after the meeting is crucial.