Grading Demonstration

  1. Students will not be uploading their Sprint Reports this semester. They will be completing their reports directly in Gradescope.

  2. Students can resubmit their work until the deadline by clicking on the assignment they submitted and selecting "Resubmit" in the bottom right. Navigate to Student’s Sprint 1 to see how to resubmit.

How to Grade: Video

Greatest takeaways following the video:

  1. Students must earn their grades.

  2. If you are not sure, ask. Data Mine staff and the Head TA are happy to help.

  3. Do not change settings.

  4. Meet your deadlines.

Grading Rubric Views

Grading Rubric in Folders
Figure 1. Grading Rubric in Folders
Grading Rubric in Folders Open
Figure 2. Grading Rubric in Folders Open

You will use the left hand column of drop down boxes to assign grades to each student. By selecting the box, it will automatically take off the number of points listed directly next to the box you selected.

Do not ‘Add Rubric Item[s],’ ‘Create Group,’ or ‘Import’ into the assignment without permission from Maggie. This will change the grading rubric for all TAs as well as upgrade all reports already graded. Data Mine Staff will create the rubrics. If there is a specific comment you would like to leave on a student’s report you can add that in the text box located under ‘Submission Specific Adjustments.’

Above you can see two questions with the leading description ‘Did not adequately contribute to the [team].’ Contribution levels are up to the TA’s discretion based on the student’s contribution to the team during the sprint. The rest of the rubric is more direct. You will check the form type (pdf) submitted, check word counts are within the cut-offs listed in the question directions (100-200 or 200-400), and documentation checks. By following the rubric like a checklist, you will know what to look for in the student report.

Below you will find examples similar to what student’s have written. There is a poorly written report where the student did not earn a high grade, acceptable report, and a well written report.

Poorly Written Sprint Report

Poor Sprint Report Example
Figure 3. Poor Sprint Report Example

Acceptable Sprint Report

Acceptable Sprint Report Example
Figure 4. Acceptable Sprint Report Example

Great Sprint Report

Great Sprint Report Example
Figure 5. Great Sprint Report Example