Creating a Welcoming Environment

Team Building

During the academic year, it is beneficial to host a handful of team building, social events for teams to become comfortable with each other outside of the academic setting.

Some ideas for team building events include:

Meeting Warmups

Prior to the start of team meetings, TAs are encouraged to begin with a warmup activity. These activities are meant to get conversations started, make everyone feel welcomed and heard, and lighten any pressure that the team might be feeling.

Some ideas for meeting warmups include:

  • Kahoot

  • Would you rathers

  • Purdue themed questions

  • Charty party

Find more warm-ups on the following page.

Working with Virtual students

The Data Mine is expanding! We now collaborate with universities across the United States including California, New Mexico, Texas, Ohio, and more. Students join various Data Mine cohorts. We want the National Data Mine Network (NDMN), Indiana Data Mine (IDM), and other national students joining Corporate Partners to feel welcome and collaborate with the team. How do you, as a TA, best support students joining virtually? Below are a few tips from TAs who have worked with hybrid teams.

  • Offer online warm-ups so everyone can participate.

  • Partner online students with in-person students. This will allow students to form a connection and better communicate.

  • During discussions in lab, provide opportunities for online students to speak up and join the conversation. Students may find it difficult to add to the conversation.

  • Treat online students equally. Still include online students in the work, continue holding high expectations, and continue with fluid communication to all students. Check in with students who are online.

What would you add? If you have worked with virtual students and there are tips you would like to add to this list, please contact you head TA to get them added. Any experience you bring and would like to share will benefit your team and other TAs.