Corporate Partner TA Playbook

Welcome to The Data Mine Corporate Partners!

All course content lives within The Corporate Partners appendix of The Example Book (the pages you are reading right now). We have migrated away from hosting our content in Brightspace to make our content publicly accessible as we expand.

Teaching Assistants (TAs) will use Gradescope to submit their reports and time sheets. Students will also continue to use Gradescope as the submission portal for retrospective sprint reports. The method of submission will be specified for each assignment under the corresponding sprint page.

TA Responsibility Overview

TAs hold a large part in the success of a corporate partner team and in a student’s experience within The Data Mine. The TAs primary responsibilities include engaging with students and CRP mentors, leading projects, and being a resource for their team.

The following nodes of this branch are a resource for a TAs to become acclimated with The Data Mine and learn of the strategies that welcome success to their corporate partnership projects.

To get started:

  1. Confirm your training is complete.

  2. Click on Sprint #1 to review the content for the first two weeks.

We look forward to working with you this semester!